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Immediately Available Experts


Ankit is an experienced Occupational Therapist, specialising in 

  • Physical Disabilities
  • Housing Adaptations
  • Orthopaedics
  • Trauma
  • Neurological Conditions.

Jane is an experienced Practice Nurse specialising in cervical cytology, diabetes, asthma & COPD management.

Ruth is an experienced prosthetist specialising in adult and paediatric:

  • upper and lower limb amputees
  • multiple limb loss
  • osseointegration


Victoria is an experienced Rheumatology Clinic Nurse specialist, including cannulation & administration of chemotherapy

Janine is an experienced registered nurse specialising in Health Visiting & vaccinations/immunisations nurse, including school vaccinations & Covid.

Rebecca Connolly

Rebecca is an Advanced Clinical Practitioner experienced in UCC, MIU & recognising deteriorating patients.

Julie Carter

Julie is an experienced Speech and Language Therapist, specialising in congenital & acquired deafness, language disorders, speech & swallowing impairments.

Eleanor is an experienced registered hospital-based midwife experienced in delivery suite and ante natal and post natal care.

Emily Kerridge

Emily is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in neurological conditions, including brain injury & stroke and neurological rehabilitation.

Kelly is an experience midwife specialising in high risk pregnancies and premature labour. 

Naheed Khan

Naheed is an experienced Occupational Therapist specialising in physical disabilities, orthopaedic injuries, visual impairment, major adaptations & housing. 

Lindsey is an experienced Occupational Therapist specialising in paediatric & adult hand & upper limb conditions, adult orthopaedics & rheumatology 

Carl is an experienced ANP (GP surgery & A&E), who also undertakes musculoskeletal soft tissue & joint injections. 

Janice Sencer

Janice is an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in musculo-skeletal conditions including orthopaedics, back injury & cauda equina and is an occupational health physiotherapist .

Gillian is an experienced Dietician specialising in stroke, neurology, brain injury, nephrology, palliative care, general medicine, nutrition and bariatrics.

Yolandar is an experienced Mental Health Nurse, specialising in care of older adults with cognitive impairments, dementia, & challenging behaviours.

Morgan Toal

Morgan is an experienced Occupational Therapist, specialising in mental health, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain & fibromyalgia & being a case manager.

Gemma is a midwife experienced in all aspects of midwifery & newborn care in community & hospital settings.