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Meet the Team

At Somek & Associates head office in Chesham, Buckinghamshire we have several teams working towards the delivery of our expert witness reports.

Senior Management Team

  • Chris Somek – Chairman
  • Alison Somek – CEO
  • Richard Somek – Chief Financial Officer
  • Jessica Thurston – Chief Operating Officer and Occupational Therapist/Care Expert
  • Natalie Stratton – Head of HR
  • Dejana Koleva – Financial Controller 

Clinical Business Management Team

Elise is an experienced Occupational Therapist and Expert Witness, Helen is an experienced Physiotherapist and they are supported by Janiece, Nosheen and Charisse who deal with all enquiries and instructions. Elise and Helen have a wealth of clinical experience and they are best placed to respond to any queries and to provide the most appropriate expert to meet your needs. Yvonne will discuss with you how we can assist you in more general terms. She will happily meet with you and your staff at your offices, and will always be available to discuss any issues with you.

  • Elise Warner – Clinical Business Manager and Occupational Therapist/Care Expert
  • Helen van Sittert - Assistant Clinical Business Manager and Chartered Physiotherapist
  • Janiece Ghent – Clinical Business Assistant
  • Nosheen Azhar – Clinical Business Assistant
  • Charisse Oates – Clinical Business Team Assistant
  • Yvonne Lane – Client Relationship Consultant 

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Accounts Department

  • Dejana Koleva – Financial Controller 
  • Jonathan Flynn – Accounts Assistant 

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Case Administration Team

Our full time, trained, case administration team ensure the efficient and responsive handling of all communications on cases. With our bespoke database and case management system we are able to provide secure, and effective running of all cases.

  • Charlie Hogan – Case Administration Team Leader
  • Angela Bond – Case Handler, Deputy Team Leader
  • Charlotte Tegg – Case Handler
  • Kay Burnham – Case Handler
  • Kamil Szczepaniak – Case Handler 
  • Zahraa Shamshudin - Case Handler
  • Jacqui Dymock – Administration Assistant 
  • Jenn Clarkson – Administration Assistant
  • Wassiq Ahmed – Administration Assistant

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Quality Assurance Team

Our dedicated reports team and associate trainers bring added value to all reports submitted. Working with experienced expert witnesses as part of the quality assurance team, we provide a quality control service to guarantee all reports are submitted on time having been proof read, formatted and scrutinised to ensure their clarity, consistency and robust quality, prior to submission.

  • Liam Brakespear – Reports Team Leader 
  • Gina Davey – Reports Administrator
  • Laurel Webber – Reports Administrator
  • Anna Cooke – Reports Administrator
  • Alif Trevathan – Reports Administrator
  • Sharon Beattie – Quality Assurance & Training Lead (Quantum) and Occupational Therapist/Care Expert
  • Amanda Agebebi – Quality Assurance & Training Lead (Liability) and Registered Nurse 
  • Nicola Lawson – Associate Trainer and Occupational Therapist/Care Expert
  • Barbara Franks – Associate Trainer and Occupational Therapist/Care Expert
  • Kathleen Dean – Associate Trainer and Registered Nurse
  • Michelle Caton-Richard – Associate Trainer and Registered Nurse 

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Associates & Training Team

Rachael and Amy work closely in the recruitment of all Somek experts. We have a rigorous recruitment process and are committed to ensuring the consistent high quality of the expert witness service we provide. All of our associates are required to maintain their own expert witness continuing professional development and can subscribe, at their own expense, to our Training and Resource package, albeit this is not a mandatory requirement.  The S&A Training and Resource package is overseen by Louisa, Sharon and Amanda.

  • Rachael Jeffery – Associates Relationship Manager
  • Amy Taylor – Associates & Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Louisa Clegg – Associates Training Administrator

Contact the team: 01494 792711 Send an Email