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How much will a report cost?

At the point of responding to your enquiry we will attach a copy of our fee schedule which will provide an indication of typical hours required to prepare the type of report requested.   As all cases are individual, we will liaise with you further regarding your requirements and other aspects of the case e.g. volume of records to be reviewed, number of allegations, location of the Claimant etc. prior to preparing a detailed fee estimate specific to each case.

Can you provide Fee estimates?

Yes. We would be happy to discuss likely fees and can provide upfront fee estimates for all quantum and full liability reports. Our Limited Screening Reports (LSRs) work on a fixed fee basis and we will provide a copy of our LSR fee schedule when responding to your initial enquiry.

Do you offer deferred payment terms?

Yes. We can offer deferred payment options for full reports.  For further details please contact us

What is your average report time turnaround?

For quantum reports, when an assessment of the Claimant is required, we aim to provide the report within 6-8 weeks from the date of the assessment. A full liability report will typically be submitted within 4-6 weeks from receipt of your instructions and Limited Screening reports will be submitted within 2-4 weeks. Please note these are the standard reporting time frames we aim to meet, but if you require something sooner or require an urgent report we will do all we can to accommodate your needs. This will be dependent on expert availability.

Why do I need to provide information about the case prior to requesting an expert’s availability?

We ask that as much information about a case is provided as soon as possible to ensure we can confirm that the expert’s clinical background is suited to the particular case, along with checking for any potential conflict of interest. This will also assist us in calculating a more accurate fee estimate if required.

What is the expert’s Claimant/Defendant split?

At Somek & Associates we are passionate about ensuring our experts are, and are seen to be, independent, impartial and objective.  Accordingly we maintain as close to a 50/50 split as possible and work towards ensuring this is the same for every one of our associates. For an expert’s specific Claimant / Defendant split please get in touch with our office to request details.

Has an expert attended court?

A number of our experts have given evidence in Court and if you would like further information on any one of our experts please get in touch here. Approximately 2% of our cases go to Court, therefore the majority of our experts have not attended Court, however we insist our experts complete the Bond Solon Courtroom Skills course to help prepare them should they need to attend. 

Do you have sample reports?

If you would like to see an example of a specific report type, please get in touch with our office and we would be happy to send you an example.

Where can I find the expert's location?

We have experts all over the UK, from Land’s End to John O’Groats and will always aim to provide the most appropriate expert as close as possible to the Claimant’s location. Please contact us for information on our most conveniently located expert.