‘An excellent reputation...’

Why use Somek & Associates?

We provide a total service to our clients

As a really professional organisation that takes the business of being an expert witness seriously, we aim to provide first class expert witnesses in addition to a quality service for clients. We are passionate about maintaining our balanced portfolio of Claimant and Defendant instructions in equal measure illustrating our professionalism, objectivity, independence and understanding of legal principles and CPR, as well as other relevant procedure rules in different jurisdictions. We have an excellent reputation in the field, established since our inception in 1997, and before in respect of some of our founding associates.

Centralised Administration

Somek and Associates offers clients, not only highly experienced Expert Witnesses, but also a highly developed administrative experience.  We have a dedicated Enquiry team, comprising experienced clinicians and expert witnesses, who will really understand your needs, in addition to responsible Case Handlers and Reports Processors.

All clients benefit from our robust processes that enable the pre-emption of issues and ensure that deadlines are achieved and budgets met.

To ensure an Information Barrier (sometimes referred to as a “Chinese Wall”) remains between all cases we utilise separate personnel to operate our switchboard and identify inbound emails/post, thus ensuring that a robust wall is maintained and confidentially cannot be breached.

Client Confidentiality

Whether at initial enquiry or when a case has been ongoing for several years, client confidentiality is paramount and will always be protected. 

Our systems and staffing structure form a robust Information Barrier, having been developed to ensure accuracy and certainty when dealing with case related communications and files.

We extensively use the latest technology to ensure data protection compliance.

Quality Assurance

We have a comprehensive Quality Assurance system enabling detailed audit of all our processes to ensure the best service for our clients. All reports and other expert witness functions are evaluated using a closed case review and feedback system. Feedback from clients is especially valued.