‘An excellent reputation...’

Why use Somek & Associates?

We provide a total service to our clients

As a really professional organisation that takes the business of being an expert witness seriously, we aim to provide first class expert witnesses in addition to a quality service for clients. We are passionate about maintaining our balanced portfolio of Claimant and Defendant instructions in equal measure illustrating our professionalism, objectivity, independence and understanding of legal principles and CPR, leading to a good reputation in the field.

Clients will be supported by the clinical business management team comprising experienced clinicians and expert witnesses who will really understand your needs.

A dedicated administrative team facilitates excellent and timely communications between clients and experts and the delivery of reports. All new experts are allocated an Associate Trainer who is an experienced expert witness. The role of the Associate Trainer is to provide quality assurance and help develop new experts in understanding aspects of the medico-legal process and the expert witness role. Quality assurance is available for all experts when required and we have a comprehensive report evaluation system for experts and value client feedback.

Somek experts are carefully recruited and all are required to attend our extensive training programme covering topics from, the role of the Expert Witness to Courtroom skills. We work in conjunction with leading expert witness training organisations including Bond Solon & Professional Solutions, and offer in house courses and an annual conference with specialist speakers including solicitors and barristers.

We are able to offer competitive fees, deferred terms and fee estimates upon request. We accept feedback and respond with a “can do” attitude to grow and learn in this ever changing, complex environment.

Taking a personal approach, Alison Somek and Jessica Thurston who are both very experienced care and occupational therapy Expert Witnesses, are delighted to have discussions with clients about cases or medico-legal matters in general; we are also very happy for clients to speak to our lead associate trainers Amanda Agbebi, Nursing expert and Sharon Beattie, Care and Occupational Therapy expert, who are available for discussion. We have held many ‘free’ conversations with solicitors and barristers giving advice on cases that may or may not even progress to requiring a report.

We offer a range of services to suit the needs of the client, and are always happy to consider new alternatives and options. However, our main focus will always be to maintain our independence, professionalism and commitment to CPR. We will ensure that all service options agreed will not compromise our role as Expert Witnesses.