“Many thanks for the fantastic level of service”

(Defendant Solicitor)

“I would be happy to recommend Somek to colleagues”

(Claimant Solicitor)


What our Clients & Associates say about us

“Many thanks to you and Ms Craske for all your help with what has been a rather trying case at times where things have been unavoidably urgent. You and the rest of the admin team have been especially helpful, and it is much appreciated.”

Defendant Solicitor, Occupational Therapist & Care Expert, Marion Craske (2024)

“I am grateful for your sterling efforts which have contributed to the outcome.”

Claimant Solicitor, Occupational Therapist Expert, Nicola Lawson (2024)

"Janice is one exceptional expert and I shall certainly be keeping her in mind for future cases. Her clarity of thought and reasoning was most impressive and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. And a big thank you to you and your team for all the background admin which made life much easier!"

Defendant Solicitor, Physiotherapist Expert, Janice Sencer (2023)

“This is the first time we have worked together and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your report. It is probably the best physio report I have ever read. I have been raving about you to my colleagues!”

Claimant Solicitor, Physiotherapist Expert, Helen Bleasdale (2023)

“I am pleased to report that we have managed to resolve the claim and have achieved a full and final settlement. We certainly could not have achieved the outcome yesterday without your considerable guidance and assistance. It has, as ever, been a pleasure and a privilege working with you.”

Defendant Solicitor, Speech & Language Therapist Expert, Diane Kruger (2023)

“I have very much enjoyed working with Sally O’Connell and found her evidence clear and compelling, and always timely. She had an exceptionally good grasp and understanding of the issues involved in this complex case and the advice she provided, particularly with reference to the Defendant’s quantum evidence just before we commenced the mediation, was extremely helpful to us in assessing the value of the claim, and the litigation risks in connection with the issues upon which she was asked to advise. I would certainly wish to instruct Sally again, and to recommend her to colleagues.”

Claimant Solicitor, Occupational Therapist Expert, Sally O'Connell (2023)

“I was extremely pleased with Ms Parvia’s report, which covered all of the relevant issues, provided a detailed background to the appropriate course of action by reference to appropriate guidelines and applied the legal tests correctly"

Claimant Solicitor, Midwifery Expert, Julia Parvia (2022)

“Please do pass on that Claire’s report was very in depth and informative in assisting us to assess an offer to be put forward. She went into great detail in her breakdowns and nothing was left unturned. Please also pass on our many thanks for her assistance on this file.” 

Defendant Solicitor, Occupational Therapist Expert, Claire Kemble (2022)

"Thank you for all your assistance with this long-running case.  Both sides are glad to have reached a fair resolution to the claim, and your evidence was crucial in enabling that. We hope to work with you again in the future."

Defendant Solicitor, Physiotherapist Experts, Sara Dickinson & Sarah Gibbin (2022)

"I would be happy to provide feedback for Vicky. I felt that she approached this matter in a very professional way. Vicky’s report was also very well prepared – thinking outside the box of what [Claimant’s name] required and putting in place clear recommendations. I found Vicky very easy to work with and to discuss matters with in conference. I have instructed Vicky on another very similar case because of my experience of working with her on this one."

Claimant Solicitor, Occupational Therapy Expert, Vicky Gould (2022)

"We managed to secure a massive discount on care and future treatments thanks to the joint report. Please thank Fiona for her assistance."

Defendant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Fiona Powell (2021)

“Sadia Hussain was a excellent expert and her input played a huge part in securing the result of the client. I would certainly use her again and recommend her without hesitation.”

 Claimant Solicitor, Speech & Language Therapy Expert, Sadia Hussain (2021)

“We were very pleased with the report from Ms McKay and the report highlighted the risks which enabled us to make an offer of settlement, which was accepted.”

Defendant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Iona McKay (2021)​

“Rachel’s evidence was pivotal to ensure we recovered the amount we did. She came across very well in her report and joint statement. I will have no hesitation to instruct her again on a similar case.” 

Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Rachel Woolcomb (2021)

"Please could you pass on my gratitude to Joan for all her hard work on the case, which was pivotal to obtaining a successful outcome. I am also grateful to all at your firm who helped progress the case in such strange circumstances over the past year or so!"

  Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Joan McGovern (2020)

“We were very pleased with the content of Ms Crocker-Eakins' report and all of the comments she has provided subsequently, which have enabled us to provide a clear advice to NHS Resolution on where the vulnerabilities are. I look forward to working with you and Ms Crocker Eakins again in the future."

Defendant Solicitor, Midwifery Expert, Lynn Crocker-Eakins (2020)

“With regards to Miss Martinez I was extremely impressed with the quality and detail of the report and this helped massively in bringing the claim to a conclusion and therefore I would definitely look to use Louise again.”

Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Louise Martinez (2020) 

"Extremely impressively prepared report submitted by Sharon Eplett… We are very grateful for her assistance in this case."

Defendant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Sharon Eplett (2020)

"This report is simply excellent just like all the previous reports from Andy. I am so grateful to Andy for pulling out all the stops once again to produce such a detailed, accurate and persuasive analysis in this complex case."

Claimant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Andrew Swanson (2019)

"I was impressed by Lynn… She reported in a straightforward and realistic way and was quick to take on board Counsel's requests for amendments where necessary.  I will certainly look to instruct her and Somek again in suitable cases."

Claimant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Lynn Hannon (2018)

"Please thank Kathleen for all her help and her support of our ANP nurse. We thought Kathleen made an impressive witness (and have told NHS Resolution so)."

 Defendant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Kathleen Jewson (2017)

Many thanks for attending the conference and for your valuable contribution which greatly assisted in assessing two of the greatest heads of loss in this claim, loss of earnings and care past and future. Your report was clear, well presented and well argued and I was extremely impressed with you as an expert.​

Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Elise Warner (2016)