“Many thanks for the fantastic level of service”

(Defendant Solicitor)

“I would be happy to recommend Somek to colleagues”

(Claimant Solicitor)


What our Clients & Associates say about us

“We were very pleased with the content of Ms Crocker-Eakins' report and all of the comments she has provided subsequently, which have enabled us to provide a clear advice to NHS Resolution on where the vulnerabilities are. I look forward to working with you and Ms Crocker Eakins again in the future."

Defendant Solicitor, Midwifery Expert, Linda Crocker-Eakins (2020)

"I would like to retain you as an expert Care/OT expert. You were involved in a recent claimant case of mine in which you were retained by the Defendant. I thought your report was very thorough. I would like to have you onboard as an expert."

 Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Joan McGovern (2020)

"Extremely impressively prepared report submitted by Sharon Eplett… We are very grateful for her assistance in this case."

Defendant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Sharon Eplett (2020)​

"I am writing to thank you for your time and the quality of your evidence. We all appreciate the amount of thought and effort that you have given the case, which has helped greatly to contribute to an excellent result for our client."

Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Caz Lyall (2020)

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Agbebi for taking the case on at short notice and for her prompt and thorough attention to the case. It was much appreciated."

 Defendant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Amanda Agbebi (2020)

“A great outcome… this simply could not have been achieved without all your hard work, making yourself available for our telephone conference, working on mastering a deluge of new evidence as we went along and finally producing your report – all at short notice and working across anti-social hours. I am so grateful to you for ‘going the extra mile’ with this one and I know that [Client] and family are too.”

  Claimant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Andrew Swanson (2019)

“Please can you pass my thanks to Joanne and your team.  I am incredibly grateful that you have expedited this so quickly. Joanne has done an excellent job on the report. Many thanks for the fantastic level of service.” 

Defendant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Joanne Lowe (2019)

“On a personal note I would like to thank you very much for your help with this claim. I was particularly grateful to you for the efforts you made in your joint meeting. Your hard work has been very much appreciated.”

Claimant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Lynn Hannon (2018) 

“Many thanks for sending me the expert report from Susannah Boyle. I am most grateful to her for reviewing the documentation and reporting so comprehensively and for the clarity of her conclusions. Would you be good enough to pass on my thanks to Susannah.”

Defendant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Susannah Boyle (2018)

Please thank Kathleen for all her help and her support of our ANP nurse. We thought Kathleen made an impressive witness (and have told NHS Resolution so).

Defendant Solicitor, Nursing Expert, Kathleen Jewson (2017)

I was extremely happy with the expert evidence provided by Suzi Rodd and can confirm that my client found her very thorough and she made my client feel comfortable. I would not hesitate to use Suzi again in future cases.

Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Suzi Rodd (2017)

Both myself and Counsel were very happy with Sarah's input. We thought her opinions were sensible and well argued / costed, and her evidence made a significant contribution towards the settlement figure achieved. It was also very helpful (and appreciated) that she was so responsive to our urgent request for input just before the RTM.

Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Sarah Rundle (2017)

I would like to feed back that we were all very impressed with Rachel Woolcomb in conference; she was extremely measured and knowledgeable. She was also quick to respond to queries and very efficient at amending and finalising her report for service – all in all a model expert and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.

 Defendant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Rachel Woolcomb (2016)

Many thanks for attending the conference and for your valuable contribution which greatly assisted in assessing two of the greatest heads of loss in this claim, loss of earnings and care past and future. Your report was clear, well presented and well argued and I was extremely impressed with you as an expert.​

Claimant Solicitor, Care & Occupational Therapy Expert, Elise Warner (2016)