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Somek and Associates have been providing expert care reports for over 25 years. Our care reports are provided by our occupational therapists and nurses. There is a uniformity in the quality of our care reports, and as such a care report provided by a Somek and Associates’ expert will: 

  • Provide a careful, practical, and insightful valuation of care needs from the date of the material event and into the future, with consistency of argument  
  • Be based on objective clinical and functional assessments, as well as a triangulation of all relevant evidence, with reference to the expert’s own extensive experience within the specialist area 
  • Be reflective of information obtained from the claimant/case manager regarding the ‘lived experiences’ of any commercial or other care provision to date  
  • Provide opinions on care which are grounded within the overarching principle of reasonable restitution whilst being persuasive, realistic, balanced, and able to withstand legal scrutiny  
  • Use care rates that have been geographically sourced and as such are reflective of the area in which a claimant resides 
  • Be grounded in the medical evidence regarding causation, condition, and prognosis without being in any way repetitive of the medical information already before the court 
  • Be reflective of any changes in legislation effecting the provision of care packages 
  • Be cognisant of relevant case law and medico-legal approaches to the valuation of care e.g. Reaney and the “but for” test 
  • Unless otherwise agreed our care reports will provide opinions in respect of:
    • Past and future care, whether gratuitous/and or commercial (e.g. personal care, domestic support, assistance with leisure/community mobility) 
    • Suitable or different models of care provision (shift-based/agency care, directly recruited care packages) 
    • The need for qualified nursing care  
    • Childcare or care provision to replace services previously provided to a family member (for example a Dependency and Loss of Service Report) 

Our care reports will be proportionate to the needs, budget, and potential value of the case, and our enquiries are carefully assessed to reflect this. We offer a number of different sized care reports. If you would like to discuss a potential instruction for a care report, please contact our Clinical Business Management Team.

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