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Quantum Report Types

Full Report

Full reports will cover the following:

  • Review of documentary evidence.
  • Comprehensive, objective, clinical and functional assessment, and interview of the Claimant and significant others.
  • Assessment of findings will be documented comprehensively and in full with the required interpretation and analysis in relation to current functional levels, pre-existing condition, function and lifestyle.
  • Recommendations and costs will be comprehensive, thoroughly reasoned, and appropriately sourced.
  • Arguments will be appropriately referenced to clinical records, expert opinion and other evidence.
  • Costs will be clearly presented in tables produced by a spreadsheet, with a summary of costs appended.
  • Source documents and evidence will be provided.


Short Form Report

Are funds limited? Is your case likely to be low value? A Short Form Report may be the way to go. We would not recommend this where the case is complex or high value, or likely to be particularly contentious. The expert will still undertake a comprehensive assessment which is written up in brief. Recommendations are made and costed, but without detailed argument. Thus, the report is shorter and less costly. If Defendant instructed our expert will respond directly to the claim, and will focus time on disagreements. 

Contact our CBM team to discuss your needs and find out more. 

Desktop report

Where there is insufficient time or other reason preventing an assessment, our expert will be able to provide recommendations and costs based on a review of the documentary evidence.

Preliminary Needs report

This may be requested at the early stages in a claim before the clinical outcome or prognosis is known. It is likely to be required in higher value cases. It may be required to provide an initial understanding of the value of the case and/or be used to identify costs or confirm needs for an interim payment. The Claimant’s current needs will be identified and recommendations made.