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Dependency & Loss Service

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We currently have a large number of care experts (occupational therapists and nurses) who have been trained by specialist solicitors/barristers and are experienced in the preparation of these reports. 

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Our experts understand the legal principles on which loss of service and dependency are considered, with reference to the case law as it relates to fatal injuries/accidents. They therefore understand the different approach required in respect of dependency and loss of service.

We can provide dependency and loss of service reports in relation to adults with dependents who have no disability and also where:

          a. One or more of the dependents (adult or child) has a disability. 

          b. The deceased was disabled or was likely to develop a disability, affecting their ability to provide services.

          c. There was a delay in diagnosis in respect of the deceased (and where past care also requires valuation) and where there are dependents with disability/no disability.

Our experts will undertake a comprehensive assessment with the dependents, and other family members through a face to face assessment or using telephone and/or video technology if appropriate. On occasions these reports are also undertaken as a desktop paper-based report. Where the dependent has a disability, the expert will assess physical, cognitive and psychological function and needs in order to determine on-going care provision as relevant to the case and taking into account the legal principles involved. The reports may focus on but are not limited to the following heads of claim: care, childcare, domestic tasks, household management and ad hoc tasks, home maintenance, gardening, pet care and car maintenance.