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All of our professional experts are able to comment on standard of care in relation to their own professional background and area of expertise. Reports can be provided for litigation and will be fully CPR compliant, or for advisory purposes, with opinions determined according to the relevant legal tests. We are able to provide Fitness to Practice reports for Regulatory Bodies.

Full report

To prepare a report suitable for the Court our experts will:

  • Review of all necessary evidence
  • Detail a clear statement of the standards expected
  • Provide a full chronology with comment and analysis
  • Provide clear, reasoned and evidenced opinion using appropriate legal tests (typically Bolam, Bolitho and Montgomery; or equivalent for other jurisdictions)
  • Ensure CPR compliance

Limited Screening Report (Advisory report)

For a fixed fee and turnaround time of 3 to 4 weeks from point of instruction, experts will provide a limited screening report for advisory purposes following a review of a limited selection of relevant documentation/records. The purpose of the limited screening report is to assist you in determining if there is a case to answer or not. The limited screening report will cover:

  • Review of evidence
  • Identification of key issues/response to allegations
  • Response to your specific questions

Breach of Duty, Causation and where appropriate, Condition and Prognosis reports can be provided in all professions: