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Services - For Clients & Associates

Somek and Associates Limited (S&A) main function is to provide expert witnesses and professional reports for medico-legal purposes.

Our Mission is:

  • To ensure courts have the best expert evidence with which to deal with cases justly
  • To ensure lawyers litigating cases (and other case workers instructing us) have supreme confidence in their decisions based on our quality expert input
  • To ensure our expert input is seen as value for money

Somek & Associates depth and breadth of experience covers all types of personal injury and clinical negligence.

We ensure that the highest level of professional service is provided to our clients, through careful selection of clinical specialists and the provision of training and peer review.

Our service brochure is available to view here. For specific information on our, report types, fees, our experts, or to see our range of services please click on the relevant page or get in touch here.