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Ruth Nicholson



BSc (Hons) Prosthetics & Orthotics


  • Prosthetics for Upper and Lower Limb Amputees
  • Multiple Limb Loss
  • Osseointegration


I qualified as a Prosthetist/Orthotist in 2010 from Salford University and specialise in the field of prosthetics. I maintain and constantly develop my practice in prosthetic rehabilitation through my private clinic work with Dorset Orthopaedic. I have an extensive and varied caseload of patients and have specialist experience in a wide range of conditions related to both upper and lower limb amputees of all ages, including children. I work closely with my clients and technicians to develop one off bespoke solutions for their specific functional needs.

I have gained a wealth of experience managing clients who have had direct skeletal fixation through osseointegration, both upper and lower limbs. I am a leading practitioner in multiple implant systems including percutaneous OPRA implants from Integrum in Sweden, and press fit implants such as OPL systems from both Radbound UMC in Holland, Australia and ITAP at Stanmore Implants in the UK. In addition, I have knowledge and experience of targeted muscle renovation (TMR) to maximise the function of high-level upper limb prosthetics for four quarter, shoulder disarticulation and trans humeral amputation with osseointegration. 

During my time at Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton, I independently managed the upper limb service of over 600 patients, which included a high definition silicone clinic. I also have extensive knowledge in designing prostheses for ‘rare sights’ and complex clients, such as multiple limb loss, hip disarticulation and Van Ness Rotationplasty and partial hand. Further to this, I have experience in fitting and managing clients with microprocessor knees and feet, as well as experience supporting para-athletes with limbs for weight training, swimming, cycling and running.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I retrained as a Health Care Assistant to support my nursing colleagues. It had a very positive influence for my practice and reminded me of the importance of client-centred care. I enjoy providing choice and empowering patients to overcome physical difficulties and increase independence.

I accept instruction from both claimant and defendant solicitors and insurers. I have undergone formal training in the medico-legal process and am fully aware of my responsibilities under Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) pertaining to expert witnesses.