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Expert Witness


Most pregnancies and births are uneventful and have happy outcomes, but sadly things do go wrong occasionally and this can result in injury, either to the mother or the baby (e.g. cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy). In such cases, investigation is required to establish whether any of the health care team involved was negligent in their duty of care and caused or contributed to the injury.

Our midwifery experts are required to undertake that investigation on an independent basis, as an advisor to the legal teams, or possibly to give evidence as an expert witness.

To be a midwifery expert, you will need to have significant experience and to understand the standards of practice; you may have some special interests such as diabetes in pregnancy.

We currently have a team of midwifery experts and we are looking to expand this team.

For more information on becoming a midwifery expert, the skills required and the potential workload, click here.