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At Somek and Associates we pride ourselves on the excellence of our experts and our reports. Since our establishment in 1997, the company has developed a large solid base of experienced (advanced) experts – over 65 in total – who have undertaken a high volume of casework, have participated in most aspects of the expert witness role and who have a balanced portfolio of instructions.

These experts come highly recommended by solicitors and barristers and have had their evidence preferred over their counterparts in high value/complex cases as well as in the lower value cases.

Take Lynn Hannon, Somek nursing expert, who has been an expert since 2013 and is able to report on both liability and quantum cases, including loss of service reports. She has worked on over 100 reports in total and has significant case event experience: including 45 expert meetings and case conferences; and has experience of giving evidence in court.

Her extensive experience has led to fantastic feedback from solicitors, including:

“Lynn’s report was a huge help. This was a difficult case.” (Defendant Solicitor)

“A fantastic result. I wanted to thank you for all your help with the case. It was invaluable to the case that we had your evidence… went a long way to helping the judge make his decision as to the value of the lost care and services. The fact that the defendant expert did not approach it in this way was not lost on the Judge.” (Claimant Solicitor)

To view Lynn’s profile, please click here.

At Somek and Associates we really value our experts, all of whom are carefully recruited, continuously trained and each and every one of their reports is subject to quality assurance. It is very important to us that our experts feel fully supported in their development as an expert witness – this includes everything from mentoring to admin support. Somek’s commitment to our experts is reflected in the fact that many of our experts, such as Lynn, have been with us for years.

But don’t just take our word for it…

This is what Lynn recently wrote to us about her experience of working for Somek:

“I recognise that I have learned so much already in my time spent with Somek & Associates, but every new case seems to present something new to learn, so I am sure that will continue. I really do feel like a part of the team, and it has been great to work with so many good people over the years, and also to see how the team in the office has grown and developed. You are all pretty amazing! I am looking forward to continuing the good work.”

Another example of one of our experienced experts is Liz Roger, paediatric occupational therapist. She has been an expert witness since 1999 and completed 290 reports and attended 155 expert meetings and case conferences. She also has a wealth of experience providing evidence in court, having attended 10 trials.

She has received glowing praise from solicitors over the years, including:

“Brilliant, please do pass on my thanks to Ms Roger (Liz) for dealing with this so promptly.” (Defendant Solicitor)

“It only remains for me to thank you again for all your expert assistance with this long-running case which has been much appreciated.” (Claimant Solicitor)

To view Liz’s profile, please click here.

Our experienced experts require little or no direct training themselves but instead many, like Liz Roger, use their extensive experience to develop the practice of our more junior associates through the provision of training and quality assurance.

If you would like to receive a copy of our Experienced Expert Directory please email us at enquiries@somek.com