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Clyde & Co Care Costs Expert Market Report 2024

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Clyde & Co recently hosted a 'Care Costs Forum' event to address rising care expenses, which is having a rippling effect across the insurance, legal and care industry in the UK. Clyde & Co conducted a 'first of it's kind' type of research, collaborating with experts across the care community, which included surveys and interviews, and analysis of the present situation, and emerging trends that could help to predict the future outlook. 

Jessica Thurston, our Managing Director Elect, took part in this project in collaboration with other experts within the industry to share her insights and recommendations;

“This was an invaluable opportunity to discuss the national issues in care provision in the UK. What remains absolutely key to all recommendations regarding care, is a comprehensive clinical, functional and environmental assessment. Care recommendations must be practical and realistic and be properly reality tested, with a range of opinions presented (on rates and care models) where they exist. Geographically sourced rates are a must, because there does still remain a wide variation in care rates nationally. Care experts must be chosen for their independence, balanced portfolio and must remain in clinical practice. ” – Jessica Thurston, Somek & Associates

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