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Meet Laurel Webber, Deputy Reports Team Leader

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Meet Laurel Webber, Deputy Reports Team Leader
Laurel Webber, Deputy Reports Team Leader

Upon reaching her 3 year work anniversary at Somek & Associates, Laurel tells us about the highlights of her journey with us so far...

I started working in the Reports Team at Somek in the middle of the pandemic, so it certainly wasn’t the typical start to a role! Approximately six weeks in I was given a PC and packed up home as we entered another lockdown, and I wasn’t then back in the office full-time until the following October.

It was a strange time, and there were some people I worked alongside that I never met or really ever had the opportunity to speak to before they departed the company. It wasn’t ideal, nor was it easy, but it was made a lot easier by the incredible support from those around me, despite the fact that I was only able to communicate electronically with my colleagues; I still felt included and valued. It was so clear to me how important it was to the company to try and achieve a sense of normalcy in what was an unprecedentedly abnormal time, with virtual get-togethers at Christmas, for charity events, and at team check-ins within meetings. I was also able to make connections that perhaps wouldn’t have come to fruition otherwise, as phone calls were so frequent, and staff found other ways to reach out, and I ended up making a lifelong friend in Charlotte, Deputy Team Leader for the Case Administration team, which might not have happened otherwise as we don’t sit anywhere near each other in the office.

Going back to the office nearly a year and a half into my time with the company was a venture all of its own, with precautions and reduced numbers to try and keep the staff healthy and safe, meaning I still hadn’t met everyone I’d worked with so far! It was also around this time that I became Deputy to the Reports Team, which I was delighted with and surprised by. Whilst I know that it’s my own capabilities that afforded me this opportunity, it also demonstrates that I had a network in place that allowed me to grow and learn at my own pace to achieve this – it’s a credit to more than just me. I certainly have my manager, Liam, to thank for his continued support and guidance.

Looking back, I can see how far I’ve come, back when I started before my 22nd birthday, to looking forward to my 25th. The past year has been a learning curve on its own, with various challenges faced from a management perspective and from the day-to-day within my role – it’s never boring! Now, with the acquisition by the Frenkel Topping Group, the potential for an even wider network and community looms on the horizon, and even more opportunities for growth within and without.

I am one of the fortunate people who loves their job, the people they work with, and the place I’ve found myself in at Somek. There’s so much opportunity to seek, and I can’t wait to see how much further I can go, over and above where I started from.