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Introducing Conor McDaid - Clinical Lead Orthotist & Expert Witness

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Introducing Conor McDaid - Clinical Lead Orthotist & Expert Witness
Conor McDaid, Clinical Lead Orthotist & Expert Witness

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We recently caught up with Conor McDaid, Clinical Lead/Advanced Practitioner Orthotist and expert witness who shared some recent insights from his clinical practise. 

"As an Advanced Practice Orthotist, the clinical landscape is rapidly changing due to the introduction of new technologies and manufacture processes. The rise in new technology in the orthopaedic and neurology markets means that the clinician has full control of the anatomical design and force application of foot orthotics, ankle foot orthotics, spinal bracing and cranioplasty helmets. In the lower limb patient group, I have moved toward the use of jointed ankles for neurological patients to resist movements rather than block movements of the ankle. The end results mean the patient complies more so with the Orthosis and their rehabilitation is made a lot easier. The orthotics therefore do not cause lower limb atrophy but work to strengthen the muscles that are involved in creating the mechanical deficit. I have had excellent outcomes in this area from a functional and wellbeing point of view."

Click here to view Conor's profile and if you require any additional information such as our terms of engagement, please do get in contact via admin@somek.com

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