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Dependency and Loss of Service Reports

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For over 25 years, Somek and Associates have been providing Dependency and Loss of Service reports in Fatal Accident claims.

We currently have approximately 30 care experts (occupational therapists and nurses) who have been trained by specialist solicitors/barristers and are experienced in the preparation of these reports.

Our experts are instructed by Claimant and Defendant solicitors (including NHSR approved panel firms). Furthermore, we run regular training and refresher training in this area, so continue to expand the number of experts who can prepare reports of this nature.

We can provide dependency and loss of service reports in relation to the following cases:

  • Adult of children dependents with no disability, and where:
  • one or more of the dependents (adult of child) has a disability.
  • the deceased was disabled or was likely to develop a disability, affecting their ability to provide services.
  • there was a delay in diagnosis in respect of the deceased (and where past care also requires valuation) and where there are dependents with disability/ no disability.

We will undertake a comprehensive assessment with the dependents, and other family members using Skype, telephone or video technology if appropriate (as in current circumstances related to COVID-19).

Click here to read the full provision of service and to see a sample of Somek experts who carry out Loss of Service reports.