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Covid-19 Update

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The majority of our staff continue to work from home using a secure connection and with a switchboard service. Our office is now open throughout the day for our administration team to process any essential post and manage the switchboard. The staff continue to be supported by our senior management teams to ensure the smooth operation of our service.

Our Quantum associates are continuing to undertake assessments remotely (using video), partially remotely (where a face-to-face assessment is supplemented by a video or telephone call) or entirely in a face-to-face capacity. This is working successfully at present. Each face-to-face assessment is supported by a robust risk assessment and with reference to the impact of any local tiered restrictions. Our experts continue to undertake face-to-face assessments in tiers 1 (medium risk) and 2 (high risk), but where an expert or a claimant lives in a tier 3 (very high risk) location, face-to-face assessments are avoided and either undertaken remotely or postponed until the restrictions have sufficiently eased.

Our experts always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for the claimant’s circumstances and observe social distancing measures e.g. hand washing and distancing themselves from the claimant (and other members of the household) as much as possible.

An essential part of our risk assessment is that our associate contacts the claimant on the morning of the planned assessment and checks that the claimant or anyone in their household, has not developed a) a new, continuous cough; b) a high temperature (37.8 °C or over); and/or c) a loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste. Likewise, should our expert develop any of these symptoms the night before the assessment, they will contact the claimant to postpone the assessment.

Given that many of our assessments take place during the weekend it is essential that our expert is provided with the claimant’s telephone number. Somek & Associates continue to operate an emergency out of hours contact number should a claimant need to cancel an assessment on the day: 07513 991849. All claimants are also provided with an information leaflet detailing the steps we have taken to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

We regularly update our associates in respect of any Covid-19 related change that impacts upon their practice. We are continuing to run our in-service education and training programme. We also continue to recruit new associates. We remain able to offer in-service training to clients, so if you would like to access this please do contact us at admin@somek.com.

If you would like to discuss anything further, please do contact Jessica Thurston on: 01494792711.