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What Are The Considerations For Costing Rehabilitation Requirements?

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What Are The Considerations For Costing Rehabilitation Requirements?

In the latest issue of Your Expert Witness Magazine, our Deputy Quality Assurance & Training Lead, Barbara Franks, explores the essential considerations that a care expert must assess when costing for rehabilitation; equipment and home adaptations in relation to a clinical negligence or personal injury claim. 

If you are in need of a care and occupational therapy report, we can offer a range of report types to suit your needs.  

Our full reports are designed for use in all higher value or complex cases and cover the following;

  • A comprehensive assessment and interview of the claimant and significant others (family and other carers, case managers, school teacher etc)
  • Detailed documentation of assessment findings along with interpretation and analysis in relation to current functional levels, pre-existing condition, function and life style.
  •  Recommendations and costs which are thoroughly reasoned and appropriately sourced.
  • Arguments that are appropriately referenced to clinical records, expert opinion and other evidence.
  • Costs that are clearly presented in tables, produced by a spreadsheet, with a summary costs appended.
  • Source documents and evidence.

You can find out more about our full range of services here or call us to discuss your needs on 01494 792711.