Layla Rumble

Layla Rumble

Registered Midwife


BSc (Hons) Midwifery


  • NHS & Private hospitals & community, including women and family bereavement


I  qualified as a registered midwife in 2009 from City University of London, and have gained experience working in both hospital (NHS and private hospitals) and community settings, including home births. During my career I have developed advanced skills in high risk pregnancies, including obstetric emergencies, neonatal resuscitation, foetal monitoring, IV administration, and epidural care.

I was a senior midwife in a day assessment / triage unit area, and gained experience using the Birmingham symptom specific obstetric triage system to provide safe care to women who required  extra monitoring, for conditions such as obstetric cholestasis, raised blood pressure, and reduced foetal movements and labour assessment. 

I then transferred my skills to supporting women in the community, which included all aspects of antenatal and postnatal care, home births and water births, with attendance on a midwifery led unit. 

Further into my career I became a Practice Development Midwife where part of my role in the NHS and in Private healthcare was to develop a foetal monitoring training package for both midwives and doctors on topics such as fetal monitoring. This included the rationale of the fetal heart rate patterns in relation to fetal wellbeing and the correct method for intrapartum auscultation to be able to distinguish any deviation from normality. I have designed and embedded high fidelity simulation training for obstetric emergencies and attend hospitals across the UK to teach neonatal life support. 

I have also been responsible for writing and overseeing hospital polices. An area of care that I feel very passionate about is supporting women and families through any bereavement, and I led on the improvement project for the implementation of the National Bereavement Pathway within the private health care setting. 

As Patient Safety Midwife, I attended Root Cause Analysis training which assisted me on being the lead for serious incident investigations within maternity, and ensuring future recommendations were disseminated, including the analysis of cases for Avoiding Term Admissions into the Neonatal Unit. 

I accept instructions from both claimant and defendant solicitors and insurers. I have undergone formal training in the medico-legal process and am fully aware of my responsibilities under Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) pertaining to expert witnesses.