Fiona  Peters

Fiona Peters

Occupational Therapist


BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy


  • Paediatric Specialist, including Learning Difficulties, Cerebral Palsy, TBI & Neurology


I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2010 and undertook a rotational post which gave me the opportunity to work across medical, surgical/orthopaedic and slow stream elderly rehab. In 2014, I commenced work within paediatrics, I have treated children with a range of learning difficulties, congenital disorders, cerebral palsy, brain injuries & neurological conditions. 

Within my current role as Service Lead for Children and Young Adults, with Think Therapy 1st, I work with a strong rehabilitation focus on identifying meaningful and achievable goals with a client to maximise their potential. As this work is generally funded, via joint instruction of Claimant/ Defendant Solicitor and the Insurer, I am responsible for communicating the progress and outcome of this intervention to the funders on a monthly basis. This role has enabled me to gain an increased understanding of the litigation process and the requirement for thorough and long term understanding, of the impact an accident or injury has on a client's life. My current role also requires me to maintain clinical oversight, quality assurance and effective leadership to the clinical team. 

Due to my experience gained in social services, NHS, private employment, and through my membership of the RCOT specialist sections for Neurology and Children, Young People and Families, I have continued to develop my knowledge and skills to enable me to support people to regain active participation and engagement in their lives and optimise their quality of life. 

The experiences gained from working extensively within social services, both with adults and children, gave me a passion for ensuring that a client has the optimum environment and equipment to enable them to live as independently as possible; in addition to having the best opportunity for active engagement and participation in their life. This work enabled me to gain extensive experience of adaptations, seating and equipment, manual handling and positioning for comfort and for engagement. 

My varied work experiences have offered many opportunities to work across a broad range of settings and enabled me to develop leadership skills and undertake service improvement. 

I accept instructions from both Claimant and Defendant Solicitors and Insurers. I have undergone formal training in the medico-legal process and am fully aware of my responsibilities under the Civil Procedures Rules (CPR) pertaining to Expert Witnesses.