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Showcasing our broad range of Physiotherapy Expert Witnesses

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Somek & Associates have a wealth of over 20 Physiotherapy expert witnesses who provide quantum and liability reports. This month we are focusing on those who specialise in musculoskeletal and spinal conditions and upper and lower limb amputations. We caught up with Lauren Joseph, Somek physiotherapy expert who specialises in amputation, prosthetic & non-prosthetic users, and multiple limb loss. She shared the following insights with us in relation to her clinical practise:

"Work at the Amputee Rehab Unit has changed somewhat in the last year, in an incredibly challenging yet fascinating way; I’m treating more and more amputees with multiple limb loss. For many of the more complex ones, the guidelines aren’t yet written, so I find myself asking for their trust as I try new ways of returning them to function. Not only are they presenting with limb loss, but many also bring skin grafts, nerve injuries and broken bones to the table, alongside negotiating the understandable and enormous psychological impact of multi-limb loss. I’m continuously amazed by how resilient and determined people can be."

In need of a Physiotherapist expert witness? For experts specialising in MSK and spinal conditions click here. For experts specialising in Amputations click here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch with us via admin@somek.com or call us on 01494 792711 and we’d love to assist you in providing an expert to suit your needs.


Recent feedback on one of our Physiotherapy experts;

“This is the first time we have worked together and I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your report. It is probably the best physio report I have ever read. I have been raving about you to my colleagues!”

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