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Frenkel Topping Group has acquired Somek & Associates

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Message from Alison Somek, MD

After 25 years of building and developing Somek and Associates into the significant expert witness company it is today, we are proud to announce that we have moved to the next stage in our journey. Chris and I are delighted that Frenkel Topping Group has acquired Somek and Associates to become one of its family of businesses focussing on the clinical negligence and personal injury sector. We truly believe this is a great opportunity for our company, our employees and our associates to thrive.

FTG’s values are absolutely aligned with ours – integrity, professionalism, quality and care. I personally am excited about the future and look forward to working with Richard Fraser, CEO of FTG, and his team, and the family of businesses within the group.

We always have been, and continue to be, passionate about the integrity of the expert witness role and maintaining independence and objectivity to underpin credibility of the expert evidence. This will not change.

Frenkel Topping Group of companies specialises in providing financial advice and asset protection services to clients at times of financial vulnerability, with particular expertise in the field of personal injury (PI) and clinical negligence (CN).

For more than 30 years the Group has worked with legal professionals and injured clients themselves to provide pre-settlement, at-settlement and post-settlement services to help achieve the best long-term outcomes for clients after injury. It boasts a client retention rate of 99%.

Frenkel Topping Group is focused on consolidating the fragmented PI and CN space in order to provide the most comprehensive suite of services to clients and deliver a best-in-class service offering from immediately after injury or illness and for the rest of their lives.

Alison Somek, Managing Director

13 September 2022