Shiva Jamwal
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      • Occupational Therapist & Care Expert
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Shiva Jamwal

Occupational Therapist & Care Expert


BSc Occupational Therapy


  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Cauda Equine Syndrome


Since completion of Bachelors in Occupational Therapy in 2003, I have worked in spinal cord injury and neuro-rehabilitation, managing caseload of stroke, brain injury, and progressive neurological conditions. I am currently heading the Occupational Therapy department at Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital which specialises in rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries and complex neurological conditions. Part of my clinical practice involves carrying out Multi-disciplinary assessments and providing recommendations on rehabilitation needs to the clients.

Having widely worked in management of spinal cord injuries and complex neurological conditions in acute stage, subacute and chronic stages, I have a deep understanding of clients’ rehabilitation needs at each stage.

Working with patients from different nationalities and culture in private sector and NHS has enabled me to develop transferable Occupational Therapy skills that I apply creatively.  I have previously worked as a case manager in a spinal cord unit which gave me expertise in planning discharges, coordinating care package by liaising with community services and voluntary sectors to reintegrate clients into their own community.

I am also seating specialist trained in posture management in complex disabilities from Oxford Centre of Enablement. I run specialist seating clinic for inpatient and outpatient services at Royal Bucks hospital providing recommendations on ‘24 hours’ posture management’ and advice in choosing the right mobility equipments to the clients.

Besides managing complex posture and seating I have special interest upper limb and hand rehabilitation. I have experience in hand splinting and soft casting.  I am a Bobath trained therapist and apply Bobath techniques, Neuro energising techniques and various modalities of Functional electrical stimulation to restore function in my day to day clinical practice. I am also trained in RTI300 FES bike, Stimwell and use them at regular basis. I am trained Bioness clinician and a certified SAEBO therapist. I am also lead ‘Therapeutic manual handling trainer’ at Royal Buckinghamshire hospital, I carry out training for the clinical staff along with problem solving complex manual handling for the inpatients.

I am experienced in using a client-centred approach and clear goal-setting within a range of multidisciplinary teams. I have also developed my skills as an independent occupational therapist in private practice. I have extensive knowledge of specialist adaptive equipment, adaptations need and care and social needs for complex disabilities.