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Karen Turton

Senior Theatre Practitioner


BSc Hons Professional Studies


  • HCPC Registered Theatre Practioner
  • Scrub Practitioner
  • Opthalmics & Laparoscopic procedures


I am an HCPC registered theatre practitioner, a role which has evolved to coincide with the changes in nursing requirements in to a multi skilled role within the Operating Department. I currently work in the private sector and my role focusses on assisting the anaesthetist, the surgeon, safe recovery in the immediate recovery area, and endoscopy suite as well as admitting and discharging patients within the ambulatory facility. My duties to the anaesthetist include; checking of the anaesthetic machine, preparation of individual and emergency medication and airway adjuncts for anaesthesia. Further responsibility ensures suitable patient positioning, application of tourniquets and relevant table attachments. My duties to the surgeon have been validated in a degree module and cover safe preparation of the patient skin for surgery, checking of instrumentation and ensuring safe usage of diathermy. In addition, when assisting the surgeon, I ensure correct manipulation of limbs and body parts as instructed, and facilitate appropriate usage of instrumentation. The role also includes instigation of the WHO checklist and team debrief, familiarity with patient care pathways, surgical documentation and working within NATSIPPS and AfPP guidelines. 

The endoscopy suite caters for both upper and lower endoscopy procedures and I practice safe sedation under supervision or provide assistance to the anaesthetist as required. Care of these patients necessitates ensuring privacy and dignity and extends to insertion of intravenous cannula and administration of medication. I have thorough knowledge of endoscope reprocessing and BSG guidelines and working requirements for JAG accreditation. As a recovery practitioner, I provide an individual and safe environment in which to monitor patients. I ensure care of the airway, administer pain relief and work further with anaesthetists as necessary prior to transfer to the ward.

Following a degree level work based learning module, I provide patient centred care for those who enter via the ambulatory care facility. They require admission, preparation and discharge for procedures under local or light sedation. Attendance at AIMS, ILS and ALS are additional qualifications maintained to ensure personal update and patient well being. Regular study days have been attended for difficult airway management, massive haemorrhage and human factors.

In addition to theatre work I have experience in ophthalmic surgery and have run preoperative clinics to facilitate surgical requirements. I have attended workshops in Hamburg with Ethicon and Versailles with Covidien to gain an increased understanding of laparoscopic procedures in general, obesity, urological and gynaecological and colorectal speciality surgery. I am the designated health and safety representative and have gained IOSH for managers. This engages ongoing risk assessment and audit responsibility.

I accept instructions from both claimant and defendant solicitors and insurers. I have undergone formal training in the medico-legal process and am fully aware of my responsibilities under the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) pertaining to expert witnesses.