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    Erika Johnson

    Occupational Therapist & Care Expert


    BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy, BA (Hons) Sociology


    • Neurosciences
    • Acquired Brain Injury


    I qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 2002, and have specialised in the field of neurology since 2004. My particular interest is in Acquired Brain Injury where I have experience dealing with clients with physical and cognitive impairments. I am also a trained AMPS assessor. I was employed as a Band 7 Occupational Therapist, by The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery between April 2004 to April 2011. I then left the NHS to pursue experience in the Medico-Legal sector, which I continue to do to the present. 
    I returned to work at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in 2014 for 2 months to head a vocational rehabilitation project, as a band 8a. The project involved helping set up a service to meet the needs of service users with neurological impairment who were referred to the service for vocational rehabilitation needs. I was also involved in the assessment of the service, audit process and advising on future plans and projects.  
    In 2015 I started working as a private OT for OT Neuro Ltd providing therapy to clients with neurological impairments. This also involves liaising with the rest of the treating team, attending MDTs, as well as liaising with the legal team to provide information on the phone as well as through therapy reports and face to face meetings.  
    My responsibilities have included: 
    •  Managing and clinically supervising junior staff
    •  Clinical practice at an expert level in various areas including splinting, and seating and positioning 
    •  Providing education and advice to others both within the hospital and to external colleagues on a regular basis
    •  Lead therapist in writing Trust algorhythm in managing the patient in low awareness state
    •  Participated in working party for developing splinting service within the Trust
    •  Attended many external and international conferences and courses including updates on ABI treatments, neuromuscular conditions, developments in motor-neurone care, vocational rehabilitation courses
    •  Joint lead therapist in setting up and running AMPS user group, including presenting, booking venues, booking speakers
    •  Lead therapist on interviewing panels
    •  Organised and presented on external courses, including introduction to neurology course 
    I have treated patients with a very wide variety of neuromedical / neurosurgical and acquired brain injury diagnosis, including cognitive impairments, including verbal and physical aggression, significant physical impairments and low awareness state.
    I accept instructions from both Claimant and Defendant Solicitors and Insurers. I have undergone formal training in the medico-legal process and am fully aware of my responsibilities under the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) pertaining to Expert Witnesses.

    Professional Education
    2002     BSc Hons Occupational Therapy, Brunel University
    1996     BA Hons Sociology, Durham University