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      • Jennifer Webster
      • Occupational Therapist & Care Expert
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Jennifer Webster

Occupational Therapist & Care Expert


  • MSc Occupational Therapy
  • BSc Occupational Therapy


  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • General Medicine/Surgery


I qualified as an Occupational Therapist is 2001 from Oxford Brookes University and have spent the majority of my career specialising in neurological rehabilitation. I have had significant experience working with  clients who have Central Nervous System Malignancies or whom present with neurological impairment  as a result of Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebrovasular Accident (CVA), degenerative conditions or  other diseases such as Guillain-Barre syndrome.
I am skilled at assessing the client in relation to their physical, cognitive and psycho-social 
functioning, and am competent in implementing a variety of treatment techniques including fatigue 
management, postural management, anxiety management and education on strategies to minimise the  effects of cognitive dysfunction. I have worked with clients and their carers with a range of 
functioning from those in a minimally conscious or persistent vegetative state to those returning 
to their vocation or education, establishing good therapeutic relationships.
In 2004, I completed an MSc in Occupational Therapy focusing on neurosciences which enabled me to  develop my critical thinking and problem solving skills in addition to consolidating and extending  my practical and theoretical knowledge of neurophysiology and the theory underpinning 
I have co-written a number chapters in key oncology-related textbooks and journals, and contributed  to the NICE guidance on metastatic spinal cord compression and the National Cancer Action Team’s  work stream on the impact of neurological deficits.
I am currently an Independent Occupational Therapist. My role involves:
• Provision of therapeutic interventions to clients in the community with varying clinical 
presentations such as amputation, stroke and traumatic brain injury
• Associate case manager for West Country Case Management, which involves provision of a case management service for clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries to maximise their quality of life and  function
• Working alongside existing community interest groups to develop and implement specific programmes of rehabilitation around dementia care
In addition, I also undertake medico-legal work for Somek and Associates. I accept instructions 
from both Claimant and Defendant Solicitors and Insurers. I am fully aware of my responsibilities under the Civil  Procedure Rules (CPR) pertaining to Expert Witnesses.